Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still Shocked

First comes the shock of this pregnancy, then comes the shock that this baby is another boy. It shouldn't have been a shock to me- but I seriously thought it was a girl- and so this week has been crazy to wrap my head around it. As I am sitting in sacrament today with my boys being crazy as always, I am thinking to myself REALLY...I mean REALLY? I am adding another boy to the mix of rowdiness!! And then I have to laugh. I really do have a great life. And this baby boy wanted to come to our family in such a miraculous way. I am so lucky. I am grateful. I am just still in shock. I am sure in time, just as with the pregnancy shock finally sinking in, another baby boy will start sinking in to my brain and I will start getting more and more excited. It's not that I am not excited now- I really love this little growing baby already, like I said in my earlier post, just a shock from different feelings I had. I am now trying to figure out how to move bedrooms around, what theme and colors to use for the baby's room, and a NAME. Oh boy. A name. Cort and I always disagree on names. With Brayden, we were totally unprepared for his arrival and were in full arguments about names before he was born. Then we had to decide quickly. Never again. With Keaton, we actively searched and talked well in advance in case he came early. So this baby, we are doing the same. The problem is my husband is just as picky and stubborn as me! There is no "you are going through all the pregnancy and labor, so you get to choose" kind of business in our household. My husband has to agree and won't budge. I can't play any kind of crying bit with him- he knows me too well! It's all good- cause I am just as stubborn to him with other things. We equal out very nicely. I just hope we can find a unique name for this unique baby.

Now! Time for me to put a million things aside and get to girls camp. I won't lie- I am excited, but seriously, SERIOUSLY can't wait for it to be over! No more meetings, planning, meetings, planning, crazy late night stressors to get things done. I will be a new woman once it is over! I CANT WAIT!!

And did I mention that I start progesterone shots this week? That will be a nice added flavor to my moodiness.

And did I mention I think I am getting another sinus infection?? Just in time for girls camp!

I am one crabby lady! Hopefully the next post will be more exciting ;)

Oh, and PS, sorry that I made everyone wait SO LONG when I posted on facebook what I was having. I was seriously on the phone for like 4 hours after my appointment and couldn't catch a break to get online... ;) Have a great week everyone!!

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Kathy Varga said...

You are amazing and if anyone could handle a household of boys, you can!!! Think of all the future girls you will bless by bringing up charming princes. :-) Love you!