Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last Friday was AWESOME. It was one of those days where the stars aligned, everything in the day was nice, the kids were pretty good, errands were run, goals were accomplished. It was a plain ole' good day. That night Cort and I got to go on a date! We swap with friends but hadn't been able to swap for over a month, so we were ready to get out. We chose to go to the Temple. It was nice. When we were walking to our car after, I turned my cell phone back on and had 3 missed calls from my little sis and a text saying "Call me ASAP." Now what would YOU think if you had that??? I was worried. I called her. She sounded fine, even excited. I asked her what was wrong, telling her I was at the temple and just now got back to my phone. She tells me that her and her hubby were bored and wanted to take a little get-a-way for the weekend...she says they decided to come to Utah to visit us! YYYYAAAAYYYYY!
I will have a lot more of what we did later, but this particular post I want to talk about WHO she brought with her on her trip....soooo...after she asks me if it's okay they come, and of course I say OF COURSE, she then asks if they can bring their DOG Sadie with them...Sure I say! Then she says "Well I am glad you said that cause we're already on our way and Sadie's with us!" HA!
Sooo...about dogs. I like dogs. We had a dog growing up. We also had guinie pigs (I know I spelled that wrong), bunnies, and birds. I am not opposed to animals really. it's just that the older I get, the more I clean, clean, clean with 3 kids. And animals shed. I don't care what anyone says about an animal not shedding, cause ALL of them do. Yes, some less or more than others, but they all do, even just a little bit. So, combine that with lots of drool, keeping the kids out of the pets food and water, and I just am not at a point in my life when I can do it. I also have a little germophobia or something because everytime I pet an animal, before I touch my kids or anything, I have to wash my hands. So let's say your sitting out the couch with an animal on one side and a kid on the other....yeah, not for me right now.
Now can we also add that my mother in law is VERY EXTREMELY allergic to animals. Seriously. My brother in law tried having a dog once that they sent to a neighbors house when the mom came to visit, and even though she had cleaned her house entirely to rid the animal hair from the home, my mother in law ended up staying at a different house during that stay because she had such a hard time with her allergies. Soooo, we live about 7 minutes away from them. We have known as long as we are living close to them, we cannot have any pets (except maybe a bird??) :) in-laws are currently in Africa on a mission assignment, so my sis bringing the dog worked out well.
After all this animal bashing...I COMPLETELY LOVE my sisters dog Sadie! She was wonderful. She obeyed! She was sweet. She did not shed enough for me to see. I did not sit on the couch and then have dog hair stuck to me. She was fun and great with the kids. She was WONDERFUL. She drooled the biggest pools of drool I have ever seen, but I didn't mind so much because she really was just so good. Sweet little Keaton LOVED Sadie and could not get enough of him!
Take a look for yourself and tell me you can't love this beautiful dog????
Uh, sorry about the cleave in this one...I can't help it ;)
Me wanting a picture with a dog? Who knew!

Anyhow, after they left, yes, I admit, I disinfected the house. I vacummed every square inch and swept and mopped. But it wasnt because I was grossed out by the dog or feeling gross in my own home. I did it because the entire time they were here, I let it all go- the drool and everything and just had fun. She really is an awesome dog. And if I ever do get a dog, I would want one just like Sadie!!
Thanks again to my little sis for coming! We had an awesome weekend and I will post some fun pics of what we did later!

P.S.- I had laryngitis starting Saturday morning when my sis got here...and it is mostly gone, but weird. My kids were happy because I could not yell at them! ;)
P.P.S.- I have lost 15 pounds since starting no carbs...WOOOWWWWW!


Sarah said...

Go Lizzy! Go Lizzy! And yes, we wish we had Sadie instead of our yappy little mutts (well, we just wish they behaved as well as she does). So jealous that I wasn't there last weekend with you all!

Jessica Kettle said...

how fun that your sister came to visit!! isn't it the best?! and for real girl, congrats on the weight loss. i thought you looked skinny on sunday! and giving up carbs is hard! i'm impressed. =)

the tim gailey home said...

love it all! how fun for you and are both so amazing! i guess blessings come when you go to the temple ;) and evil pounds leave! well, you convinced me! go to the temple and don't invite the carbs!