Thursday, April 22, 2010


A few weeks ago, as a family, we went to a March of Dimes Team Rally. It's to get us reved up, pumped up in the march of Dimes walk, which is coming up in a few short weeks.

I have walked for March of Dimes for 3 years, this will be my 4th. I have learned sooooo much about their cause, but even some important things about myself. Like the fact that I need support. I need people surrounding me who have been through the same things I have, with many even worse situations. It is so wonderful to know that I have friends without even knowing it. I have people I can turn to to help me through the questions I have about what I have been through and why.

But even more importantly than that? It's knowing there are people out there, the March of Dimes, dedicated to helping SAVE LIVES.

I have recieved several calls in the past few weeks asking for donation for various organizations. All of them are valid, all of them need help. I recognized that if I could, I would give and support every cause in need that helps someone else in some way. Obviously, we can't all do that. So many families are struggling with no job or insecurity about their job. Some families are doing okay and others are just great. No matter what the status, don't donate if you can't. But if you CAN donate, even $5 helps go towards SAVING our sweet BABIES. Go to the March of Dimes website. Check it out. Get quesitons answered. See how you can help. Walk with me on my walk. Be my friend and support me.

I have been so blessed. Even though two of my children were very premature, and stayed in the NICU for over 6 months between the two of them, they are healthy children. We are so blessed. And I am forever grateful to the March of Dimes for what they do to make a difference for ME. It's amazing how we don't realize how important a cause is until we are in a situation where we need them. Click on the link on my page and make your donation if you can. If you can't, go to the website anyway and check out other ways you can help support the March of Dimes. As always, thank you for the support you are to me, especially during the times when I have really needed help with my kids, dinners, babysitting, just a listening ear. Love to you all!

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the tim gailey home said...

my friend, wendy, just had a 29w5d baby this past wednesday. baby seems to be doing amazing so far but you are soo right. this is an excellent cause, save our babies!