Sunday, April 11, 2010


So the Saturday before Easter our ward had their Annual Easter Egg Hunt at a neighborhood park. Last year I did not go because Keaton was just barely home from the hospital. So Cort took the older boys. This year we all went together and it was awesome...but FREEZING. I put triple layers on everyone, plus hats and gloves and we were all still freezing.
So if you thought your ward was big, try 350 people (no, our ward actually has 700 people in it, almost 300 in primary children alone, but this activity around 350 people came) all running for eggs!...Obviously this picture only captures a fraction of all the people, but so fun!
The super fantastic Kyler!
The super amazing little bug Keaton with Cort.

The super fantastic Brayden!

Easter Sunday was awesomly amazing. It was a little sad not getting my kids spiffied up in adorable matching tie suits for church, but at the same time, so nice to not have to get dressed up. We had a very nice day listening to conference, and the kids were actually pretty good during. The next day...Day 1 of Spring Break...we had LOTS of SNOW! All winter I let Keaton play in the snow once or twice, but he never really liked it. This day was no exception...
He seriously looked like a giant marshmellow, or sumo wrestler.
And he would not cooperate for pictures, so this is the best I can do.

Either way, it was a fun and crazy busy week, my next post will explain the second half of Spring Break.


annieareyouok said...

Looks like a fun egg hunt and I am SO glad to not live in the snow. Bring on the hot, hot, hot 110 summer days!

beckaboots said...

They look so trendy in their winter clothes! Haha. That looks like fun even though it was cold... I wish I could enjoy a little of the cooler weather! We've had the a/c on every night for the past few weeks.. :/ but then'd probably like to not have the heater on haha. Let's do a swap!

the tim gailey home said...

love all the fun things you do as a family! you guys are awesome!