Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Boy!

I just can't even believe my First Born Child is in First Grade! WOW!~ it's so crazy to have a kid in school full time now. Today was his first full day, as yesterday was an early out day. He is so grown up- even his smile seems to be more mature! Sniff, Sniff. Yes, for reals. Yes, I am loving every minute of him and Brayden not fighting and all, but it is sad to have him growing up so fast. And I know this is just the beginning of it all. Sniff sniff.

So...you will notice in these pictures he is wearing a light jacket. Yes, I know. Crazy, in August and all. We had no power in the house, so we slept with the windows open all night and believe it or not, I woke up cold. And I was cold all morning. So I asked Kyler if he wanted a light jacket, he said yes, and then when I walked outside I realized that somehow, it was colder in our house than outside cause it just felt nice. But Kyler wanted to keep the jacket on. So, it seems crazy that he is wearing it in August, but sigh, that's the story...

In line waiting...thats the back of his teacher. Such a big boy!! ;)
Sniff, sniff.

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