Monday, August 9, 2010

Reunion & Good Luck

So somehow last year we never learned about the NICU Reunion for Keaton at IMC. We never got an invite, and I was sad when I learned after it had already taken place that we had not known about it. So this year I have kept in touch with a few of Keaton's nurses (thank you facebook!) and they made sure I got my invite. It was so much fun. We go to Braydens NICU reunion every year and it is so nice to be able to see some of the nurses and doctors that helped me children through the most difficult times of their lives, not to mention mine!
At this Reunion, they had several different rooms filled with fun activities for the kids to do. And the nurses ran the stations. I saw 5 of Keaton's nurses, 2 of which were his "primary" nurses and my personal favorites! It was so great! I was disappointed that the doctors don't go to these Reunions (some of them come to the one for Brayden at a different hospital). I really wanted to see one doctor specifically because she was really special to me. But such is life! We had a great time anyways and as a family, it was a great experience!

Keaton happened to really love the rocking horse and one of the nurses came over and put a cowboy hat on him. It was so adorable!
In fact, we left this room several times and every time we walked by, Keaton ran in, grabbed the hat and hopped on. It was soooo cute.
Brayden and Keaton got their faces painted.

Another fun game. Brayden and Kyler played this while I chased Keaton in the hallway and met a cute triplet mom who is friends with my neighbor who is having triplets. Small world!
Outside they had firetrucks, ambulances, Lifeflight for the kids to explore. It was so great!

All the boys together!
And finally, ready for the Good Luck part of the post? First let me tell you that I wouldn't say I have bad luck, but I definetly wouldn't come anywhere close to having good luck. I mean, my life is good and things are good...but when it comes to having good luck on little every day things, I guess you could say I am clumbsy or something.... I am the kind of person who goes to get something down from the closet, and the whole shelf comes crashing down when I carefully remove one item. And not only does the shelf come crashing down, but I slip on a shoe in the process and fall on one of my kids, all at the same time. And this happens to me more than anyone else I know of!
I am the kind of person who is walking through the mall and one of my shoes breaks..this has happened to me several times. So can I go on forever giving you examples? Sure, but the reason for this rambling is that my husband has good luck. He's the kind of guy who buys one raffle ticket where the guy next to him buys 100 and my husband wins~! Seriously, he is always winning things. He won an IPOD recently. Casually. Most things he wins, he wins through golf tournaments through work sponsored events. Such is the life eh?
So what did he win??? A 42 inch plasma flat screen HD TV, that's what!!!!
We have a big screen downstairs, so we put this one in our master and guess what? It's too big to fit in our airmoire! So we put it on top, which is actually better cause we can see it much better from bed, and our other tv is in the playroom for now. It can only play movies for now, but I just LOVE our new tv!! Great Luck honey!


beckaboots said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THAT IS SOOO AWESOMEEEE!! I am sooo happy that at least Cort has some good luck to balance you guys out :)

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Wow, congrats Courtney! Wish his luck was a family trait. The reunion at the hosital looked like a lot of fun. I'm so glad you guys survived and thrived!