Monday, August 23, 2010

A Special Trip

Ever since my Grandpa died 6 years ago, my Grandma has struggled with her health. I think that she took care of my Grandpa for so many years before he died, that she felt the need to be cared for by someone else now too. For the most part, her health has been okay until the last two years. I am not going to explain every little detail, but I will say that my Grandma has struggled with bladder infections. The bladder infections go undetected for so long (because the symptoms she gets, she cant feel) that by the time she gets diagnosed, the infection is so severe that it turns into much worse. Then she gets staff infections, pnuemonia, etc. She has also fallen several times, resulting in required trips to the hospital, etc. My sweet mother takes care of her. She called me a few weeks ago to let me know that things were pretty serious with my Grandma's health. She was doing very poorly. She was almost in a comatose state. Her blood pressure was now affected. She had multiple infections and was in the hospital for over a month. Finally she was sent to a rehabilitation facility, and it wasn't looking good. I decided that I really wanted to go see her in case we lose her before I get the chance to see her again. Luckily, thanks to good neighbors and friends with connections, I got a last minute flight to AZ.
This past Thursday I took Keaton and we made the trek to good ole HOT Arizona. I got in late Thursday night, so Friday morning I went to see my Grandma at the home. She has been doing MUCH better this past week. It was determined her comatose state was mostly due to the combination of medications she was taking. Once they fixed that, her mental health has been so much better. And while she still remains very sick and in poor health, it was so nice that she knew who I was and that I was able to have a good visit with her.
I visited with her all morning and after lunch time headed to my sisters so my Grandma could take her afternoon nap. I spent the rest of the day with my family and it was so nice. We also got the news that my Grandma was going to be coming home on Saturday, so a hospital bed was delivered to the house and we went and got some new sheets and bedding that would fit the bed. I got her a few good magazines, a little bit of chocolate (that is a must with my grandma) and some beef jerky for her homecoming!
Saturday morning my mom and her husband Tom went to pick up my Grandma and when she came home we had a family party for her. It was so nice. It was hard because on the one hand, we were so happy she was home. But on the other hand, she is still very tired and sick, and we have to keep that in mind...especially when throwing a party ;) She was a good sport, but we didn't keep her too long so she could rest. Then my sisters, sister in law and mom and I went to see Eclipse together (it was my sister in laws and my moms first time seeing it). It was so much fun to finish the night off.
Sunday morning my Aunt came to see my Grandma (my Aunt had been out of town for the two weeks my Grandma was the sickest and so she was so anxious/worried to see her). While my Aunt had some alone time with my Grandma, I went with my mom, her husband Tom to my sister's ward with her family. It was so great. After church we had lunch at my sisters house. Here's where the best part of my trip comes in. On Sunday I was feeling a little like "I am glad I came but yet I feel like I didn't even get to spend so much time with Grandma cause she is still really sick and needs to sleep a lot." I wasn't dissappointed, but I was definetly feeling like I really needed some more time with Grandma. I told my sister that I needed to go and say goodbye to my grandma before leaving to come home and she suggested going right then rather than right before I leave because my Grandma would be sleeping soon. I know this all sounds silly, but it was meant to be. I went back and spent the next hour at my Grandma's bedside. It was so special. She and I had the best talk. Even though she was sick the whole trip, it was like for an hour she was herself and we had the best time together. She said some very special things to me that made every second of the trip worth it. I had immediate confirmation that I needed to take this trip. Even if it is not the last time I see my Grandma alive, I knew it was meant to happen. I am so grateful for that! are some highlight pictures from the trip, not in the right order....Starting with this absolutely gorgeous picture my brother took of my niece Olivia. I mean, seriously, it looks professional!
The twins, Jane and Mary. And seriously, I want these girls! ;)
Can you tell I want these girls?
Yes, I want these girls!
My mom with my grandma.
My brother Dave and me.
Grandma, me and Keaton.
Grandma, me and Keaton up a little closer ;) And can I just tell you that even when my Grandma is literally on her dealth bed, she will still be wearing her clip on earrings ;)

I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful legacy and so lucky to have my Colleen for my Grandma! Love you Forever Grandma!

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