Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keaton turns 2!

I CANNOT even believe my little Peanut is 2! Tuesday was his birthday and all day all I could think about was how big he is, how much he can do, all the new words he has started to say, and more or less that I cannot even believe he really is 2!

Have two years really passed already? It seems like just yesterday he got home from the NICU (because I choose not to reminisce on the NICU days as often as possible) and we began our lives as a family of 5, 4 of them being boys! ;)
Keaton has always had the best expressions! I love love LOVE his face!
Those eyes. lady killer already!
Since he is the 3rd child, he does get more neglected in some occasionally the diaper changes, but he is so great! He's so easy going and when he falls down, he hardly lets out a peep, he just gets right back up and get moving again. He's tough, but still likes to cuddle with me every day. Thank goodness! I am just not ready for him to grow up any more!
Yes, he is trouble, like his big brothers, but I love his curiosity.
So Keaton, I love you so much and am so glad you are in our family.
I mean, come on, does that kid look like he could EVER do anything wrong?? ;)
Yes, in fact, he can cause all sorts of trouble now. But all I have to do is say "cheese" and keaton will smile for the camera. Love it!
Okay, so this airplane cake definetly did a crash landing about 5 times before I finished. It is frosting-ed together in many places because it was so moist, it just crumbled. So just when I was done with frosting, it would crack somewhere and I would have to make more and frosting it together some more. The wings eventually were fact I shouldnt even show this lame cake, but at least keaton loved it!
We had a little family party for him Wednesday night and he loved being the center of attention. He kept fake laughing at everything.
He was a little afraid of the candle on the cake. After it was blown out, he was fine.
He loved all his presents, although he couldn't open many himself because his brothers were so overly helpful.
Silly Papa!
Silly Grandma!
But Keaton loves his new toys!!
And now we begin the terrible two's...;)

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday big boy! Wish we could have been there to try some of that lovely cake! (It really was impressive, sis).