Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's funny. After I wrote that last post, I changed my tune a little bit. I decided to really take advantage of the last week of having Kyler and Brayden home during the day. I really wanted to sulk up and ejoy every moment rather than count down the days until they go. And can I just say how much prayer really DOES help! Sunday was a much less hard day than Saturday, and I really felt like every talk and lesson had a message in it for me pertaining exactly to the issues I have been having with my kids! There was a scripture read during Sunday school that I swear was saying to me "relax, be a mom, have fun and let go and know that everyone else goes through this too." And I just felt at peace.

Soooo...enough rambling. Monday, let the fun begin! I took the boys to the Air and Space Museum in Layton. Now, normally I would get some friends together and we would all take our kids together and make it a big fun thing. I decided I wanted it to be just me and the boys. I wanted them to know my focus was 100% them. So we went and had a great time! I even let Keaton walk most of the time rather than ride in the stroller. It was so great. I was relaxed and just sulked it up. I do not, however, take very good pictures and the kids wouldn't cooperate. So only a few to show you...

Kyler and Brayden loved that you walk right underneath the airplaces/jets that were outside. It was really cool.
On the inside, of course the boys loved the shark faces and scary things they used to paint on the front of their jets.
Can you believe how everything got started? how someone figured out how to actually build and operate an airplaine/helipoter/everything. We are so lucky to have all these things already built and figured out for us.
I could not get these boys to be serious for the life of me.
Keaton is going through a pointing stage. he points at everything and makes a huge deal. So every picture, he is doing this...
And more of this:
And lots of this:
It is seriously SO Cute! We had a great time and I recognize how much I need to turn to prayer when I need a good refocus of things. I am so glad I can sulk up these great moments with my kids. We had a great time.

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the tim gailey home said...

liz, you really are such a coooool mom! what fun you are, taking out the kids! and how adorable of the never ending pointing finer! look at all the wonders the boys find in their lives because of you!