Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recipes Please

So so SO much going on. I need to post about Girl's Camp, then our Family vaca to San Diego. BUT since I am lazy bones today, being our first day back from our vaca and seeing as there is only a few days until school starts... I want to post about how my body is nutzo and I am thinking bedrest is in my near future. With that being said...I was thinking that until that happens, I should really make some freezer meals and prepare for being down for a while. I know some of you (Annie, Sarah) have posted some GREAT freezer recipes, but this is my plea to everyone to please e-mail me, post on fb or respond here with a simple and easy freezer recipe or two that you know of. I am going to look up some online, but coming from friends and family is always the best way!! So post away and thank you in advance! I will post more exciting stuff later.

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