Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cali...the beginning

So we decided kinda last minute to take a trip to Cali! Originally, 6 months ago, we were talking about taking the kids to Disneyland for the first time this year. Once I got pregnant, we knew I couldn't ride any of the rides--and then once we measured Brayden, he is still 2 inches too short for most of the rides. So next year we decided...but then we still really wanted to take a family vacation and there is so many other things to do in California that we started planning. We had one date picked and quickly learned it wouldn't work. At the last minute, like a week and a half before we actually went on the trip, we realized a certain weekend would work and there you go!

It was great!! We went to Sea World, the beach, the Mormon Batallion Museum, Cort's brothers house (his brother moved there like a month ago, sooo it was last minute to see him too) and ended up having a great time.
This is the only real family photo we got because I hate myself in pictures these days. I just get so big everywhere when I am pregnant and HATE how I have been looking in pictures...but this one turned out least as cute as I get these days.

So that is all for now I am afraid. I have been looking endlessly for my camera ever since we got back. I offered my kids $1 for whoever found it. We prayed about it. And so I was waiting and waiting to post until I had some pictures from our trip. And then today I learned I left it at Cort's brothers house. YAYYYYYYYY!! I was worried it had fallen out of our car or my purse at a rest stop on our way I will have to post more once I get it back. ;)

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You look super cute!