Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last weekend we went camping as a family. We normally go camping at least 3-4 times during the summer- and we usually go with friends. But a lot of the mountains are closed right now from previous mudslides, weather, etc. AND this summer has been crazy busy and this was the first time we could go. It was really fun!

We had so many last minute changes in our plans, but it all worked out and we had so much fun! From roasting marshmellows to tin foil dinners- we had a great time!!

We went on a few walks/mini hikes.

And the next day, rather then packing up and heading home, we drove a little further down the road to discover a beautiful waterfall and a lake! It was amazing!!

We weren't prepared with clothes that could get wet or swimming suits- so we let the boys play a little in the water, but not much.

My 3 boys!

We finally took off Keatons shorts at the lake because they were so wet! The boys had a great time- and I did too! It was a very resfreshing, fun family weekend trip!

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