Sunday, May 2, 2010


Do you ever have a day where you are just a grumpy grumps to everyone for no reason??? Well today was one of those days for me.

It actually started out very nicely. Only in Utah do you have stake conference at the actual Conference Center in Salt Lake. Typically our stake conference isn't held there, but today it was. And me, being niave, actually thought when they told us our stake conference was there that it was only OUR stake. But it was all of Davis County's as well. I actually could invision us sitting close enough to the stand to possibly meet President Eyring. I don't know WHY I thought it was just our stake, especially because I wondered why OUR stake of all of them in Utah would get this opportunity. I must have missed something somewhere down the line.
Soooooo, got up this morning, got me and the boys ready, Cort and I loaded them up and off we went. Conference itself with 3 kids and NO SNACKS (cause your not allowed to bring food in the conference center), was difficult. The older boys were okay, but Keaton, up and down on my lap, throwing toys, crying and then 5 minutes before it ended, he fell asleep.
So for some crazy reason, this is where the grouchiness kicked in. Not when Keaton fell asleep, but when I was trying to leave the conference center keeping him asleep, wearing high heeled boots where we parked a mile away and my pursekept falling off my shoulder and the wind was blowing my dress up. I didn't really say or do anything grouchy at that time, I just sorta felt it.
When we got home, I was starving. The kids were starving, and I felt suddenly so completely exhausted it was hard to hold my head up. Like REALLY. I don't know whats up.
This is when I suddenly remember I forgot to take my birth control last night. DARNIT! Seriously, this is going to mess up my cycle that is already messed up. And this is why I am grouchy.
So, too much information, but I'm gonna tell you anyways cause I need to vent. So I have been on the same birth control since I was 18 and had to start taking it to prevent cysts (cause I got one removed that was almost 2 pounds and the size of a cantelope)...anyways. It took us a few months to get me on a pill that didn't completely mess with me and that was it. So after I'm done nursing every baby I have gone back to the same kind and it has been great. However, after Mr. Keaton, I have had periods every 2 weeks that last 2 weeks long! Seriously. I waited a seriously long time to switch kinds because A. This pill doesnt make me crazy emotional and I have minimal cramping and B. I know it doesnt make me gain weight. So I really didn't want to switch, but 2 week long cycles?? No fun. So I decided to switch. My doc told me about a kind you take for 3 months straight with no period. Then repeat. So you have a period once every three months. I deserve that for sure! So this has been my first month taking it. And my second week into the pills I forgot to take a pill one night. I NEVER forgot this usually because I have been doing this for YEARS. At night, before bed. No biggie. So the next day, I remember and take it and continue on. But the day after that, I cramp, get SUPER emotional and am on the verge of tears for two days and then start my cycle. It was short, but I thought this wasnt supposed to happen...So Is this because I missed the one pill or is this because this is the time I would have started on with my old pills? I just dont know. So a week later, today, I forgot to take my pill again last night. What is wrong with me? So today, I am RAGING hormones to my hubby. I feel like nothing can go right, when in fact, nothing is really going wrong. I am just MOODY and mean. Sorry honey! I recogize I am being crazy, but I just don't know how to control it.
So now, is all this typical to adjust to a new birth control? Is it because I keep forgetting to take pills? I don't know. It just so happens I have a docs appointment tomorrow anyway to see the progress in my weight loss (which is now a WHOPPING 21 pounds peeps!). I feel great, am soooo close to my goal weight, can start to see the definition in my arms starting to come back again and am feeling so good. OH, except that I am bloated and a hormonal mess. So I am hoping it all clears up soon so I can be nice to my hubs and children again. They miss their happy mommy, because I have been exceptional happy these days from all the hard work and weight loss. Just not with this new birth control emotional mess! We shall see where this goes...but if you are my neighbor or someone I talk to daily, I am sorry if I snap at you tomorrow. let's hope NOT! Here's to a hopefully good week!!


Chanelle said...

Ugh! Our stake once had it at the CC too and it is something I never want to do again. I'm grateful it was broadcasted for our ward today. And hope your hormones get worked out. That sucks. Made for a great post, though :)

Chanelle said...
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Sarah said...

Sorry for your grumps! I get that too sometimes. I am so proud of your 21 lbs lost! You are so awesome! Keep up the good work, and just watch yourself fitting into your skinny jeans to take away the grumps and put a big smile on your face.

the tim gailey home said...

the grumps are like chocolate...the more you share, the less there is...and we all love chocolate so share away! :) ps- nothing in life makes sense so don't bother trying to make this one.

annieareyouok said...

That is so great that you lost 21 lbs! Way to go! That alone should make you feel better. Keep up the good work!