Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Kindergarden Graduate!

My BIG baby boy has graduated from Kindergarden, although he still has two weeks of school left. Weird how that works. Anyhow, the big shindig was Friday and I luckily and gratefully had someone watching Brayden and Keaton so I could focus 100% on Kyler. I took lots of pictures and videocamered most of the songs. They sang about 10 different songs, used props, etc. And each kid had a turn saying something into the microphone about the song before it started. It was so cute!
They combined all the Kindergarden classes together for the event and held it in the audiotorium. Soooooo...yes, there are A LOT of kids here.
Most of the kids...not all could fit into the picture!
During a song...
And another song, but this one you can see Kyler...can you find him??
Up close. Doing the motions...
Kinda blurry, but still cute!!
This one is super cute with him calling on the phone...

I wanted to get one of him and me and him and his teacher together afterwards, but he became really shy and didn't want any more pictures. I was bummed, but it was okay. So proud of my little guy for working hard this year to get through his first real year of school. Oh, and by the way, he was disappointed that after the event was over, he had to ride home with me and couldn't take the bus home...yeah, he loves me....but he just LOVES taking the bus. Next year he will be at the new school, no bussing. It's a bummer. But we will survive!!

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the tim gailey home said...

congratulations kyler! big day for you! :)