Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pretty Snakey

One of the things I love most about our neighborhood is there are so many kids always playing outside and usually, most kids are welcome to join them and everyone just plays together and it's great! I do feel bad though, when someone is having a birthday party outside and other kids just happen to walk by and want to join in. Such was the case several weeks back when our neighbors were having a b-day party. Several kids, including mine, wandered over there. I had given "someone" instructions when I left to run errands to watch that our kids did not go over there. However, somehow our kids managed to...LUCKILY for us, our neighbors were so sweet and let our kids stay for a few minutes to enjoy the animal show...that is with this HUGE snake!!
I think my kids are trying to be brave but our secretly pretty scared.
Seriously SO nice again of our neighbors to even let my kids have a turn with the snake. Now if only I can think of some clever way to get my kids to be this tame for me...without the snake...Hmmmmmm...

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