Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What a week it has been! I decided early on that I was going to fill all the downtime we have with lots of things to do! I wanted this week with Cortney being gone to go by fast, but to also be as fun as possible! Normally when Kyler gets home from school, we work on some homework, make dinner, play with friends and just hang around the house as a family until bedtime. But this week almost every day we have gone to Redbox to get me a chick flick, get the kids a fun movie, run to the store, go to a play place for them to get their wiggles out and then head home just in time to read some books, get ready for bed and lights out. Although this is exhausting, the time of the day when the kids fight the most is before bedtime and this problem has been eliminated!! ALSO, remember my last post where I was freaking out a little about something happening and some weird feelings I have been having. Well with much prayer I have felt at peace. And I have realized that I think A LOT of my crazy emotions have been because of my new stupid birth control that is making me a crazy woman!
No really, it's not too bad. But every once in a while when something totally normal is going on, I feel like I want to burst into tears suddenly for no reason. Don't get me wrong, it's not very often...just once a day or so that I feel totally out of my mind for a few minutes. We might be changing birth controls again if this doesn't adjust with time... Either way, being busy this week has been SO FUN.
I am a frugal shopper. I don't go once or twice a year and buy my kids a ton of clothes for school or anything like that. I am constantly buying little things here and there- Really, not all the time...constantly was probably a strong word. But I always buy things on sale and at thrift stores. So I buy things here and there as I see them and build up. I do buy things in bulk if for example like this week: all winter clothes are on major clearance. So I buy things a size bigger, or two sizes maybe for the next winter for the kids, etc. So this week I totally scored on some high quality adorable stuff and I am SO EXCITED about this!! I know, the silly things we mom's get excited about. But I really love finding a normally $25 sweater on sale for $2. YUP, a high quality sweater for $2. So naturally I bought several in different colors/sizes, etc.
Anyhow, BLAH BLAH like you want to know all this. I am just relieved that the week has gone well and the kids have been good and I have done so much shopping...I might have to throw in this post that I (a naturally busty girl no matter how small I get), have had some major weight loss in a certain area that required buying myself something new to "support them" and I am the smallest there I have been since I can ever remember! Now most people don't want to shrink there and get smaller. I DOOOOOOOO. I won't go into detail, but let's just say I feel so proportionate and normal. This is nice. I am VERY happy about this. :)
Now, we miss our Daddy!! Especially this little guy, who even though is a MAJOR mama's boy, has been yelling "Daddy" all day to every male he sees. For reals. It's so cute! I know he misses him.

I know he wants to cuddle with him.

And this crazy thumb sucker actually fell asleep in the middle of the floor of the living room on Tuesday. WHAT??? I know, so crazy.

Let's see what the end of the week brings. Hopefully more sales! And Friday Cort comes home. And Kyler Graduates Kindergarden. YAY!

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the tim gailey home said...

i love reading your thought process and your stories. i feel like i really get to know you when you express yourself so freely! love it!