Sunday, May 16, 2010

March of Dimes Walk

So the March of Dimes Walk was yesterday and we went as a family. It was so great! There was literally 1/3rd of the people that have come in the past few years. I think it has been a tough year for people with this economy. And it honestly was nice to have a short wait for some of the fun things they do after the walk (like bounce houses, balloon animals, etc.). So the kids had a fantastic time and we all did as a family.
So here is the poster I made this year...they put these made by some of the moms of babies all over the walk site so you can read them while you go. So cool to learn about some of the amazing miracles.

And all these pictures are in backwards order. Soooo, this was taken after the walk, Keaton really missed his Dad this week and just had so much fun with him yesterday!!

After the walk, Brayden going down the giant slide.
Kylers turn!

Keaton went down the slide with me at one point, but really just ran around everywhere the whole time after the walk.

Jugglers for entertainment...
This was right as we were coming to the finish line...lots of people cheering!!
During the walk, Keaton and his Daddy enjoying some ice cream.
Right before the walk, some live music to get everyone pumped up.
Just before the walk, eating some yummy breakfast (although this was the boys second breakfast of the day).
Thanks again for everyone's donations, love and support. It was a wonderful day for a wonderful cause!


the tim gailey home said...

i love how you give back to those who helped you and yours. it's just awesome you did that walk! way to go!

beckaboots said...

Great job Liz! I'm glad that you were able to go! The only thing that is missing is a picture of you! :)