Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Cutest, Greatest thing in the whole stinking world!

So if you know me, and if your reading my blog, you SHOULD :), then you know that I am big time when it comes to working out. I work out typically 5 days a week, one of those days twice (aerobics in the morning, speed walking with some friends at night or zumba, both of which arent as hard as my other workouts and more fun to me). Sooo. I love to work out. I just love it. My whole day goes better if I work out, its helped me to lose weight and maintain my new weight, and it has helped meto just feel better about myself. Naturally, my kids pick up on this. Keaton comes with me to the workouts I do at the church. Brayden comes to some, but when I work out at home, my kids see it.
A few weeks ago when the kids had a few days off of school, all three boys came with me to aerobics at the church. To my surprise, Kyler told me he wanted to do aerobics with me. I told him that would be great! I was even more surprised and even shocked when he did absolutely everything we ladies did (obviously as his little body could) whether it was push-ups or jumping jacks. It was so cute and sweet.
Soooo, today, Kyler says to me "Mom, are you going to go and work out today?" to which I replied that I was going to try but had a really busy day and probably wouldn't. Kyler then asks me, "Mom, can I work out even if you don't?" Of course you can son! I try to talk to my kids as often as I can about being healthy and making healthy choices with what they eat AND with the activities they choose, etc. I just LOVE seeing them starting to make some of these choices for themselves, without me telling them to! It's so awesome!

So here they are, from neck rolls in warm ups to jumping jacks in the cardio portion of Jillian Michaels' workout video, I am impressed!

Now I think my next job is explaining what the ladies in the workout video are wearing...I think they are young enough that it hasn't really crossed their mind that they are scantily clad...buuuuutttt, I want them to learn at a young age what is modest and immodest, etc.

Anyhow, SOOOOO cute are these boys of mine!

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annieareyouok said...

That is so cute! What a great example you are setting for your boys.