Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our House

These are called silly bands.

In our house, I consider them both a blessing and a curse. If you have a school aged child, you already know and sympathize with me on the issue of these darn things! Every morning, I wake up hearing my kids whispering in the bathroom. I come in to find Brayden sitting in his underwear (usually) and kyler in his pj's, and all their silly bands are spread out in front of them and they are trading. Trading snakes for pirates, dragons for swords, etc. This is not the bad side or "cursed" side of these items. Not only have these been banned from the kids wearing them to school for kids constantly trading during class...but my kids have traded other things with neighbors for more silly bands. One day Brayden came in our garage, got out one of Cortney's tools and offered it to someone for a silly band. They took it! (Luckily once we figured it out, we got it all staightened out and got our tool back). But our kids have offered basketballs and other misc. items in exchange for these bands. Now, having boys, I don't really care seeing 100 bands on their arms, but its a battle when they are not allowed to wear them. Like at church or school. kyler wants to keep them in his pocket and put them on the second he gets out of either. NOT going to happen son! So it's a battle. SIGH. There are worse things in life, I know. I am just venting.
Now on the second topic of venting, I will title this "The most expensive kid in the world."
You think I am joking?
This pup cost us a whopping $350,000 just for his entrance into the world and following NICU stay. I am not making this up folks. He was THAT expensive. Of course, having great insurance and a husband who works for the insurance company and therefore knows what fees are truly legit to charge us helps. We didn't pay $350K out of pocket. But this kid continues to be our most expensive. Not just medically. With heart issues and future surgery, we will be well spent. And there is the fact that he has had stitches already. BUT
pushing all that aside. This kids happens to do things sometimes that end up costing us yet even more money. Like throwing a rock through a window? YUP. That would be it.
Do I say it is from the peer pressure of other kids telling him to do this and he is only 4? NO! He knows better. I am sure there are a combination of reasons for this beahvior. And he is now grounded for the entire week. And the crazy part is, there were kids with him and he was having a great time (at a friends house, I was not there) So WHY did he make this choice that will cost us yet again more money? I do not know. It did not break the window, thank heavens. But it scratched it and needs to be fixed. That kid. Seriously! SERIOUSLY! I just need to get into the mind of this kid and figure out how his brain operates so I know what triggers him to want to do these certain things! Until then, I am just trying not to think about the next time he does something that will cost us a fortune. SIGH.

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Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Oh, silly bands. Where to even begin? They are insanely popular everywhere. Just like every fad, they WILL fade. I completely sympathize with the bills for Brayden. Healthcare costs are crazy. At least you got a cute kid to show for it right?