Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This dude has been giving me all sorts of trouble lately.

I was thinking to myself a month ago how good and sweet and wonderful he still has been for me (since by 18 months, my other kids had already turned into monsters;)) Sooooo...I am guessing it just took Keaton a little longer to get there. He still is SO much better than my other kids were by the age, however, he is really turning into terrible two. Brayden doesn't help either.
Picture this: I am taking a shower. Okay, don't picture that part. Picture yourself taking a shower... You see a naked little body run across the bathroom laughing hysterically. He is so fast that is a blurr and you double take the make sure you are actually seeing him NAKED. yup. Not even a diaper. Courtesy of Brayden of course. He undressed Keaton, took off his diaper and was chasing him through the house while I was taking a shower. Nice.

I get out of the shower and get him dressed. Then I go downstairs and clean up pee from the carpet. Gee thanks boys. So that wasn't necessarily Keaton being super naughty because his brother did the dirty work- HOWEVER, Keaton throws the biggest tantrums ever for just about everything now.

Now, the good news is that I have learned from my mistakes of the last two boys and know now to ignore the tantrums, not give in, etc. This is helpful and already Keaton is learning that he can't get his way just for throwing a fit. but it doesn't make the fit any more pleasant to deal with. I think what has bummed me out more than anything is that he has decided to cut off literally an entire hour from his naps. Now, I WAS spoiled with his 3 hour naps every day. So 2 hours is still a great nap, but I was just so used to the three hours. And with the shortage in nap time, he is taking longer to fall asleep as well. So he is going down later and later and then sleeping later than he used to even with the less hour and therefore isn't ready for the bed at 8 with the other boys. Instead he chills with Cort and me for another hour. I DO NOT LIKE THAT ONE BIT. I want him to go to bed with his brothers.

So do I wake him up from his naps? I just don't know what to do, but I am thinking this can't last too long cause 9pm is too late for his little tushy to be in bed!

So there you go, thats my gripe for today. ;)

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweey hubby! XOXOXOXO

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annieareyouok said...

Ahhhhh yes ... little boys are great, aren't they? ;) No really, they are, but just when you think you've got them figured out they change!

Here's my 2 cents about sleeping. The days are long during the summer and I had a hard time rationalizing putting Devon down at 7:00 when it was still light out. We let him stay up til 8:00. Now it is dark by 7:00 again so I'm ready to go back to that earlier time. It only took a week, but here's what I did.

I get up BEFORE Devon does and get totally ready (I nurse the baby at 6:00 so I feed her, put her back to sleep and I get up and get ready). If I can eat breakfast before he gets up ... even better. That way when he gets up it's play time and he's using energy. I also made sure to get him down for a nap by 12:30 and WAKE him (uhhhh I HATE waking him) by 3:30. Yes ... I have to wake him from a 3 hour nap or he'll keep going. Again, get him playing right away. Dinner and bath by 6:00 and wind down for an hour. Voila! 7:00 pm bedtime.

He usually was in bed by 8 so the first few days I set a 7:45 bed time. 3rd day 7:30. 4th & 5th day 7:15. You also have to get him down for a nap a little earlier, too.

Good luck!!!!