Saturday, October 9, 2010

Potty Mouth

I have NEVER had a foul mouth. I don't have any desire to swear and I am completely content with myself and the language I use. But something I DID say the other day to a driver who literally almost killed me with my three children in the car is "stupid jerk." It came out in the heat of the moment NOT for him almost hitting us because accidents happen and I was so relieved we weren't hit- it was the fact that this MAN actually looked upset with ME when I was in the right driving straight along my merry way obeying the driving laws. He gave me a look that made me respond with "stupid jerk."
Because now they have called ME a stupid jerk. Me! Oh what have I taught them! Every time my kids have said this (and yes, it has been on several different occasions for each of them), I have to explain what I had said was wrong and that they are never to repeat those words again. Then theres the big long speach about being respectful to me, talking nicely, etc, etc. So after the 2nd time, it's time outs and threating of washing the mouth out with soap. Oh how I wish I could take back what I said. I mean, did I actually feel better after saying it through the window to someone who didn't even know I said it? Well, maybe. BUT my kids were in the car. And now I am regretting it. Oh sigh, lesson learned. Lesson learned.

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Tonic said...

HAHA, sorry that is funny. And a good lesson to pass on! Piper told me once she was "damnit hungry." and I learned my lesson, for now.