Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long Week

It has been a long week folks. Starting with Monday. Kyler woke up sick with a fever. He threw up once first thing Monday morning, but I truly believe it was because his fever was high and his head hurt so bad it made him throw up. So for three days he ran a fever. Kyler is my kids who gets sick for only one day. his fevers are always high (like 103.5 is normal for him) and he is super sweet when he is sick. He just sleeps all day long. But this time it was a lot harder. He was sweet, but Brayden did his best to annoy him. And even Keaton would take Kylers blanket and run away laughing. Little stink!
So I have been doing a lot of this:

I don't typically watch Oprah faithfully. I am more of a here and there recording her show when I know what it's about in advance. But this year I decided to record it and watch it while I am doing the dishes and cleaning, etc. And can I tell you how much I love Oprah! It is her final season and I am loving every show!
So this week, I did a lot of cleaning up. A lot of hanging around the house. I couldn't take Kyler anywhere, so it was blah, blah. AAANNND, remember those headaches I was getting. Well, since I went to my doc, he checked my thyroid and guess what? It was off, again. My doc suspected that was the cause of my headaches and since he changed my dose, I have not had ANY headaches! It's wonderful!
But in the meantime, I am not so sure my dose is exactly right, I think its too low now because I am SO TIRED all the time. I am having trouble making it through the day without a nap and even when I am working out, I am having trouble making it through my normal cardio stuff.
But on that same note, at night I seem to have a little more energy than in the mornings so I have been going walking/jogging with some ladies in the neighborhood and it has been great. I LOVE It!
So now I am sick too. With a cold. UG. And I haven't felt like blogging cause I am blah. But I will tell you this.
Mark your calendars for the ULTIMATE Girls Night Out! October 19th, Tuesday night, 6:30-9:00pm. My house. Purses, Jewlery, Scarves, Hats- the latest and greatest in fashion! Plus my wipey cases, plus scentsy clearance, plus Much MORE. So plan it and COME.
More later. Here's to a better day tomorrow (better as in me feeling better!)!

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