Monday, October 11, 2010


Wow, what an amazing weekend I ended up happening. Friday night Cortney and I went out for our Anniversary. Cortney pretty much planned everything. But LITTLE did I know what Cortney had in store for me. We made plans, things got changed around a lot, but in the end, his parents came over to watch the kids at our house and put them to bed so we could stay out late. Soo nice!
So I got myself fancied up. We left for dinner and had the BEST time. You know how when you had been married for a long time and sometimes don't have a lot to talk about over dinner? Well sometimes that happens, and its fine. But we had the best conversations and had a truly great time. Afterwards we headed to Park City to check out a few shops to buy Cortney a birthday present (his b-day is this wednesday). After a little shopping, Cortney suggested we get ice cream at an ice cream place just outside of Park City, about 20 minutes up the hill. I must admit, I was a little surprised because Cortney likes ice cream, but not that much! I was happy though. My kind of date, you know?! So we drove down the main street where this ice cream shop is supposed to be and can't find it. Cortney swings into the parking lot of a hotel and says "i'm going to go in and ask for directions." Okay, I am thinking. WOW, is also what I am thinking because it typically takes Cortney being lost for a lot longer than 5 minutes to ask for directions. This is when he opens the car door and says, "So I found out where the ice cream shop is, and we also have a room here tonight." I was in SHOCK! Serious shock. I mean, technically our Hawaii trip was our 10 year Anniversary present, so I figured dinner was more than enough on the actual day. Then Cortney tells me that he knew more than any present, sleeping in would be what I really wanted. And he knew I would sleep in best with no sound from the kids! He is awesome! It was awesome. We went to the hot tub, cause, yes, Cortney had packed my swim suit, toothbrush, makeup, clothes and even my birth control pills I take every night. He thought of everything! And did it all without me figuring it out (which on a side note: He packed me some kind of ugly clothes because he said he didn't want me to go to wear something and find it missing!) Ha ha., smart thinking! We had a great relaxing night and a great relaxing morning....minus the sleeping in for that story.
I slept with my cell phone on in case his parents needed to get ahold of us and so at 7:30, my phone rings. It's my next door neighbor. Hmmm, whats going on. I answer the phone. Now, she obviously had no idea that I was away at a hotel and tells me that my older boys were at her house really worried and upset because they woke up and couldn't find us anywhere in the house. Our bed was made. Then they went to the garage and Cortney's car was gone. AND so they got in my car, clicked the garage clicker to get out and headed to the neighbors for safe keeping. WOW. I tell her that my in-laws should be at my house and she tells me their car is gone. I KNEW that my kids wouldn't have been left alone. So I called my house phone and my mother in law answered. She tells me that she was int he guest room with keaton keeping him quiet from waking up the other boys. I told her about the boys and she couldn't believe it! My father in law had apparently gone home late to sleep upright in his special chair that helps his back, so his car was gone, which may have also freaked out the kids.
Now, let me tell you, this story is not to talk bad about my in-laws. They do an excellent job every time they watch our kids. I just think it is HILARIOUS. Cortney and I laid in bed, laughing at both the fact of what happened, and laughing because there was no way we could go back to sleep. We had a breat breakfast, took one last trip to the hot tub while we still could, and headed home. And on another side note, can I tell you how great it is to have neighbors that we can trust and that my kids can trust?! It's great!
So my husband is awesome. I felt totally refreshed all Saturday. And I am happy to report I have been married 10 years to a great guy! Thanks again hon- you are the best!


Chanelle said...

WOW! What a guy! And the story about your kids made me laugh so hard! LOL

Happy Anniversary!

Sarah said...

Oh my that is the funniest story about your kids! Holy cow! To think of going out the garage to the neighbor's like that--so smart! And Cort is the best for that anniversary gift!