Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Fun

So we were invited Wednesday night to go through a corn maze and haunted house at a place waaaaayyyyy too far away for us to ever go again...but there were some contributing factors to that. Our kids fought almost the whole way there (40 mins). When we got there, we found out the haunted house didn't open for an hour an a half (which would have been at 8:15 when we were hoping to be at least on our way back, if not home by then). So that was a bummer. Aint no way we were waiting! But, we were there and went through the corn maze. And it WAS free. And the kids did have fun. I don't mean to be "debbie downer" about it, it just wasn't worth the drive I'm afriad. But I got some cute pictures!! ;)

I think Keaton loved not being in a stroller and being able to run his guts out. It was pretty cold already, so I put hats on the littles, but Kyler didn't want to wear his. And Kyler got cold, so wasn't in the best mood. But he still had fun.

Cortney hid and jumped out and scared everyone. Not really, cause they kinda knew he was hiding. But it was really cute!
My cutie Keaton! He LOVES wearing hats.
Brayden had a weak bladder. Don't worry, nothing on the corn folks. GREAT thing about having boys.
Keaton kept saying "cheese" over and over again for me to take his picture. He also kept finding places to hide, but I was right there with him and saw him so it was all good.
All in all, it was a fun time at the maze...but as I said before, I don't think we will do it again unless it is muuuuch closer. ;)