Thursday, June 3, 2010

Arizona, Part 1

Sooooo...we decided at literally the last minute to head down to Arizona for Cortney's Family Reunion. Now, you must understand...when I say Family Reunion, I mean like 200 people type of reunion. Cortney's Dad is the oldest of 13 kids. Nammie is his mother, Cort's Grandma and she has 175 (give or take a few, this number is a little old) grandchildren and 175 great grandchildren. So every year for Memorial Day, they rent out a girls camp in Young, AZ where everyone camps. It is an organized process, where every family is resposible for different things. There is a family auction to raise money for emergency needs for the family. There is a game night, there is a family meeting between the adults. Games, pinatas, etc. It is a blast. We have not gone for several years and this year decided to go...but it was like, we found out on tuesday we could carpool with Cort's Dad so I could go early and see my family for a few days before, and then I left on Friday. I am NOT a last minute person. I plan months in advance for things like this, but I kinda knew we were going to try to work something out to go, so it wasn't too big of a shock when we decided.

ANYHOW! So part 1 of this post is my visit with my family. Can I tell you how much I love my family? Because this was last minute, I did not get to see one of my brothers or my Dad, but I spent some good time with my sisters, my mom and two of my brothers. My nieces and nephews as was a great trip!!

It started off with going to my nieces softball game. Keaton took a liking to my niece Olivia (who is really a partner in crime with Brayden) and they found a camping chair to share. Oh those baby blues.
Kyler had a great time with Gracie. I cannot believe how big everyone is getting!!

I FINALLY got to meet my twin nieces. They are beautiful. I may have tried to sneak out with one of them to bring them home with me. May have....
I did take several adorable pictures with these two babies...I just couldn't get them to post for some reason. Look at those eyes on that baby!!!!!
I have the most beautiful sisters in the universe. We all love hanging out together.
One night we did facials, hennas on our hair and pedicures. True story- my little sis took my camera and took a few pics of herself with the mask on...and later I did the same thing with myself and I didn't know she had done it as well. We were both making the same face! So funny. Great minds think alike. Or should I say we are both really weird.
True story.My mom with 3 boys who would NOT cooperate.
All in all, it was short, but it was sweet. I feel so lucky to have such a strong supportive family. I love how even when we might disagree about something, there is no hate or mean-ness between us. Seriously, if we disagree on something, we disagree and that's that. I don't know why I recognized how wonderful of a quality this is, but I do. It's become more and more clear to me as I get older how important it is to love each other, support each other and not judge each other. Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. I LOVE IT. And I am lucky to be part of it.


Chanelle said...

What fun! I'm jealous! I love the pictures of you and your sister! Totally hilarious!

annieareyouok said...

So fun. I thought that first mask picture WAS you. You guys do look a lot alike except the hair color.

beckaboots said...

Sooo fun :) we do look a lot alike in those mask pictures haha. Miss you already!