Thursday, June 17, 2010


Okay so my eyes have been opened big time tonight. There was a "Relief Society Meeting" tonight on service. I knew I needed to go. It was a stake thing, so there should have been tons of people...but there weren't. It was a hard night for most ladies to come. But I just knew that I needed to go. I went. I listened. I cried. I laughed. I had such an awakening in many ways to what really matters in life. We are the Lord's hands- we need to give service in our lives. The sweet amazing woman who spoke has been through cancer twice (the first time at 15 years old), was told she could never have children, only to now have 5. She has had so much service in her life and now gives service in return. She inspired me. The amazing things she is able to do for others and the blessings that she recieves from it--I think the biggest thing that I think of when I hear the word service is "Blessings." Blessings arent just for the ones recieving the service, they are for the people giving the service. I know that every time I give service, I feel so completely refreshed and renewed. And now I look at my life with how much service I have recieved, and I know that I am not doing my part in giving back to others. I need to be more aware. I need to be asking the Lord who I can help. It can be anything from a phone call to a meal. It is amazing how little acts, sometimes things we think are so small they would not matter, that make such a big difference. Anyhow, I'm sounding off for tonight, I am just so glad to have gone tonight. So glad to have heard what I truly needed to hear. And so incredibly renewed and refreshed to what really matters in this life. I am happy to give in any way that I can. So now I will go and get moving to do my part! :)


Debra said...

I think we could all do a little better when it comes to service. Just remember we're not supposed to run faster than we have strength. There are periods in time where we have more to give than other times. Do what you can. That's enough.

the tim gailey home said...

go get 'em, liz. with your amazing heart, soon this world is gonna rock because i know you do everything whole spirited with the extra mile included. thanks for reminding us all to be just a little better.