Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I FINALLY got labels! I have wanted to personalize my product for a long time now, but thought it would be too expensive to buy, to time consuming and difficult to make, etc. After talking with some friends who had ordered labels through a lady on etsy, I looked into it myself and couldn't believe the great deal I got! Not to mention, the lady I went through took the design from my blog and created a custom label to match just for me...for free! I LOVE them and love having my own personal stamp on my product. On the back of the label is my blog address- I should have taken a picture of it...but here is the front and don't YOU love it!!?!

Check out the adorable new wipey case I made for myself. yes, you can have it too. But I have been wanting to make myself a new case for a while as I have changed my style of what I like so much from the other one I have. So now, the other one is in the car at all times, and this one is in my bag and I love it! The front...I know it could be considered a little femm with the flower, but I don't care! It's mine and I love it. This is not for the baby really...it's for me cause I'm the one changing the bum! ;)
So, I want to give credit where credit is due...I ordered my labels from www.etsy.com/shop/herjodren
Like I said, she was wonderful to work with and did an excellent job. The labels were shipped to me so quickly and I am so happy with them!!!
I will be updating my business blog with some cute new wipey cases within the next few days...including putting labels on all my cases...so check it out in a few days.

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