Sunday, June 6, 2010

Better late than never!

So this past year a bunch of mom's with 3-4 year olds did a Joyschool. There were 7 kids, so I taught once every 7 weeks and it was great. I am still impressed with how well the kids did, and how much they actually learned. We had a really good routine and system down, so it really was structured and organized. Naturally, we had a graduation. We did story time, music, awarding of the diploma's and the week before during class, they made their hats! So cute!!

Naturally we cannot get them ALL to be focused for the pictures...but that little stinker Brayden was especially naughty! ;)

It's so funny to look at all the kids faces in this picture...seriously, so funny! And cute!
Now I am thrilled to finally have found a great preschool for Brayden this next year. I really wanted 3 days a week, and he did not get into the school Kyler got into (which I really wanted him to go to for the amazing teachers!) And my next door neighbor and friend who teaches was full long before I got around to getting things organized...but after much searching, found one and am super excited about it all. What big boys I have!!! ;)

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annieareyouok said...

All their random expressions are classic for that age group. So cute!