Friday, June 25, 2010


This summer has been really REAAAALLLLLY busy and crazy. It has been a lot of fun, but so busy! Sooooo, here's the latest and greatest. My boys are TRUE Blue BOYS. They love tools, working in the yard and doing boy things. Case in point: there is a repair man in the neighborhood, my boys are following him around with their tools. They have done this so many times, we have set rules. Obviously, it can only be where we can see them and we are with them. They are not allowed to use any real tools or bother the repair men. They are mainly allowed to watch. And they can pretend fix things with their tools as well. So this past week there have been several AC repair men in the neighborhood, as well as Bug Spraying companies and Dish Network. No doubt, Brayden and Kyler were there. So I decided to get out my camera and take a pic of Brayden this week:

This first shot is far away so you can see I am on my back patio and this is the house behind us to the side (we dont have any houses directly behind us, just two backyards that face each other, this is one of them...we really like this so our view is still nice!). And if you look closely, in the orange shirt, there is Brayden with a Dish Network guy.

Closer. This is when I yelled "Brayden, don't stand directly by the ladder. Give the guy some room!"
And here he is actually helping, although I know you can't tell that from the photos.
Anyhow, I think it's cute!!
This week I helped throw a baby shower for an adorable friend of mine who is having Triplet BOYS! That's right, start praying for her cause she is having 3 BOYS all at ONCE! The shower was so much fun, she got a lot of great stuff and I had a blast being there and participating in it. I absolutely LOOOOVE throwing baby showers! Here we are!
Here is one of the tables set up. Her colors for the boys are red, light blue and brown. SO CUTE! One of the ladies who helped throw the shower made homeade suckers in those colors (strawberry, root beer and pina colada flavors). She attatched little bells to them and put them in a cute basket (far lef hand corner). So fun!
Can you believe all that yumminess with food! Seriously! Veggies with dips, fresh fruit, and lots of goodies! Plus, in the background, cute pics of Kate and her hubby as little kids. Her hubby is an identical twin, so he is a little more prepared for these babies....
We held the shower outside (there were 80 invitations sent out and probably at least 50 people came). The weather was perfect and it was especially nice under this nice ramada. This just shows you some of the cute decorations. All three boys names were made into an adorable banner (3 separate banners). Sooooo cute.
This was the 4th banner made. All of them were made with the same colors/style. So cute.
So this weekend I am hiking in the morning, running a few errands then off to see Toy Story 3 for Cort's and my neice's B-day (it will be interesting taking all three boys to the movies...hmmm.we'll see), then pizza and cake. Then I am trying to go see Savior of the World (my stake is doing it, so amazing can't wait!). Then it's a nice, peaceful relazing Sunday and onto another busy week with more swim lessons, more teaching aerobics, more craziness. Did I mention I mde 10 wipey cases last week for different orders! I love being busy but this is craziness!! :)
Oh! And I have now officially lost a WHOPPING 32 pounds total. And Eclipse comes out in 4 1/2 days. I. can't. wait. Happy Weekend!


annieareyouok said...

That is so cute that your boys help with their tools. Some things are so innate! ;) If I was the praying type I would SO pray for your friend ... 3 BOYS?!?! I would probably say the same if it was 3 girls. I just don't know how people manage so many children that are the same age all at once. Happy for her ... and happy that I'm only having one ;)

the tim gailey home said...

wow! i love it! i can't believe she gets 3 at once. i love, love, love having mutliple babies and hope i get it again (i know, not gonna happen) so i am amazingly jealous of her! except not the pregnant part, she can keep all that to herself. yuck! but 3 boys! how fun! i'm sure she be amazing, just like you! and your cute cute helping boys!

Angela Frasure said...

32 lbs? Yay Liz!!!! You look amazing!