Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lagoon...alllllllll day

Once a year, we get access to purchase passes to Lagoon for very very cheap, so we take advantage and go for it. We stay from sun up until sun down and have a great time. The kids were really good, even Keaton, dispite his 20 minute nap for the entire day. Lots of our friends have summer passes to Lagoon, so they joined us and we had a great time!!

The kids rode their hearts content out on rides, and I even rode a ride or two myself while my friends watched Keaton. Cortney met us there after work...and he watched Keaton while I rode WICKED! It is a wicked roller coaster that I cannot even believe I rode, but my friend talked me into it...and surprisingly, I am glad she did! I was scared speachless and couldn't even scream at one point, but it was AWESOME!
So here are the boys on their first ride...

You can't really see them on this ride, but they rode this roller coaster about 5 times throughout the day.
Can you see Brayden's white head in that airplane?
There is Kyler in the back seat.
A bunch of the kids/our friends kids and mine waiting for the train to come!
Now they can't sit still even though it's two seconds later.
One of the sweetest moments of the entire day...Kyler with his friend's Jaydie-Bug and McCoy. At first Kyler and Jayden were holding hands, then McCoy came up and grabbed too. SOOOOO SWEET!!!! Best buds!
All in all, even though we were exhausted by the end of the day, and quite frankly all day yesterday too, it was a blast!

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Looks like fun!