Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weak Stomach

So, a quick little funny note before I hit the sack for tonight. Cortney and I had the discussion this morning on our weak stomach's after Keaton had an episode of the runs. So let me preface: Brayden has had "issues" in the #2 department for some time now. He has even seen a specialist because at one point, we could tell he could not control it. Don't get me wrong, that little stinker has done a lot of things on purpose...but we have worried before that he had a condition or something. He's fine now. But 2 years ago he got cripto- that nasty swimming bug that gives you the runs for literally 3 months on an antibiotic and everything. Everyone in utah had it and the pools were even shut down. During that time, I got pretty sick and tired of cleaning up the messes. We did put him in pull ups, but even then, sometimes it was not pretty. So on a few occassions, I would turn things over to Cort when he got home (and I say few because he has a weak stomach, and we'll, you'll see why later). So I would exclaim how sick I was of cleaning up and it was his turn. And the next thing I know, I hear Cortney gagging and eventually then I am cleaning up a lot more than originally planned. Cortney has a weak stomach for nasty smells, and our kids can SMELL it up. I know, gross, I'm sorry.
Sooooo...take things to this morning. Sunday mornings, my turn to sleep in. And I actually DID sleep in. 75% of the time, I cannot go back to sleep from first waking up to wake Cort up to get up with the kids (because even though I remind them to wake up Dad in the morning and not me, they still wake me up). So I actually fell blissfully back asleep this morning and was having a nice dream when there is a bang on the door (because the door has to be locked or my kids will come in and wake me up). It was Cort "liz I need your help." So I come out and he explains that when he lifted Keaton out of the booster after breakfast, he had the runs and they were just exploding out of his diaper and were all over the floor. So he was giving him a bath, and quite frankly, wasn't sure he could stomach cleaning up. He actually offered to clean up the mess, but I told him I would do it.
After all was said and done, we laughed about our stomachs. I felt like I was going to throw up and Cortney told me he almost did when it all happened. Seriously. So there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know.

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annieareyouok said...

Waaaayyy more than I EVER wanted to know. I almost puked when you mentioned that it came from the public pools ... so gross! I knew there was a reason I didn't swim ;) Your poor husband, your poor son and poor you having to clean up after it all.