Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I had a fantastic week. I had some girls nights. I had some family fun. I made a kazillion wipey cases for the kazillion different orders I have right now. It has been great. And my house was clean for like 3 days's not too bad right now...

But this morning I am grumpy. I did not get enough sleep. The kids have been fighting. And I am going to vent about it on my blog so I can feel better and move on to have a very nice, relaxing and spiriutal day. I need it. Even though I have had an awesome week, there has also been something on my mind that needs to be resolved. I am hoping it is resolved soon. I can't STAND it when I let my mind go crazy over something that I have little control over...Which is, by the way, another reason I didn't sleep well. SIGH.

Okay, I vented. Now onto a nice peaceful day where I can put everything in the Lord's hands. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Don't worry, you sound a lot like me when I worry. Not sleeping well, pointlessly worrying over things I have NO control over. Why do we do that? :) I hope the venting helped. Hang in there!

the tim gailey home said...

hahaahaa! i love it! you make me feel like it's okay to have an off day and i especially love the way you so off-handly write about it!