Thursday, June 3, 2010

Arizona, Part 2

See post below (Part 1) for info on this family reunion...I wish I took more pictures, but Sunday is the official picture day. All the families get together and everyone takes pictures of everyone's families. I am not posting all them, it would be the longest post ever! So I am posting just a few.
This is Cort's parents, brother, his wife and their kids and us. Cort's other two sisters came for just Saturday during the day, so it was a bummer they missed the family pictures.
This is Cort's Dad with his siblings and Nammie. One of his brothers is missing from this picture because he couldn't come this year.
Our family....and yes, I rebelled wearing a different shade of blue than the true BYU blue the others are wearing ;)
This is Nammie!! She is the cutest, most awesome, fiestiest woman! She is an example to me.

And that's that!

Side note**I don't like my new birth control...and that's all you need to know.

Side Note #2**I HATE the terrible twos. Seriously. Hate. it.

Side Note #3**The whole time in Arizona, I stuck to my diet. WOOT WOOT. My sister kicked my trash with a boot camp workout one morning and this is the first trip I can honestly say that we worked out and ate well pretty much the whole time. I did break a few of my rules, but I did it midly...sooooo, I'm glad I did not lose control and go crazy. Oh, and go see Letters to Julliette...soooooo good. ;)

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